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There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Update from Christine, Editor-in-chief: We're closing submissions until Nov 15th. We have a large back log of completed pieces and we need a little time to catch up! If you're waiting for a response on a pitch, just know we read every pitch but we haven't responded to everyone yet. If you need to pull your idea and send it to another publication, we understand just update your submission. Otherwise expect to hear from us in the next month. THANK YOU SO MUCH! What an incredible response we've had and it's certainly a quality problem to have more good writing than you can publish.

We're an adventure + travel magazine for parents.

We want your stories. We work with first-time authors and seasoned pros. Our travel content is aimed at experienced travelers, who have read it all and want something new. Don't pitch us Morocco, pitch us a multi-sport excursion with tweens across Morocco. You know?

For our adventure side we're looking at US and Canada destinations and ways to make your favorite sport accessible. If you're a pro-cyclist you already have some ideas about how to get your four-year-old out on the trails with you, but for the rest of us we need some help wrapping our brain around making it accessible. Our parents definitely didn't do multi-day hikes with us nor kayaked around alpine lakes for the weekend, so the more practical (but not dumbed down) information, the better.

We also want essays and think pieces on what it means to be a parent, raise kids and live a fullfilled life -- many of our readers have traveled the world or deep dived into the outdoors and this influences everything. Tie together these themes, share your ah-ha moments, bring in some smart science writing or fascinating interviews and show us what you can only see once we've lived in your shoes.

The Process

We ask for pitches, industry lingo for short descriptions of the proposed article, and we commission pieces based on the strength of the idea, the writer's past work and our current editorial needs (pieces about topics we haven't covered yet often have a better chance). We will accept full articles but it's almost never necessary to write for us on spec.

A few times a month we read all the pitches (yes all) and vote on our favorites. If it's not a fit, we'll send you a standard "sorry, not a fit" email.  

If it is a fit, we'll contact you with any questions and work out the payment details. Once the piece is commissioned, we typically allow 1-2 weeks for it to be written. Almost all articles will go through two rounds of edits, and we always allow the author to approve or address changes.

But, do you pay?

Yes we pay! Below you can find the rate in each section but generally we offer between $50-$250 flat for the web. Print submissions are opened quarterly. We also send out a monthly call for submissions here:

Getting Started

Please see the individual sections below for guidelines.


Contact our editors at (fair warning, we can't tell you via email if your idea is something we might like, all pitches are voted on by the entire editorial team.)
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