We're an adventure + travel magazine for parents.

We want your stories. We work with first-time authors and seasoned pros. Our travel content is aimed at experienced travelers, who have read it all and want something new. Don't pitch us Morocco, pitch us a multi-sport excursion with tweens across Morocco. You know?

For our adventure side we're looking at US and Canada destinations and ways to make your favorite sport accessible. If you're a pro-cyclist you already have some ideas about how to get your four-year-old out on the trails with you, but for the rest of us we need some help wrapping our brain around making it accessible. Our parents definitely didn't do multi-day hikes with us nor kayaked around alpine lakes for the weekend, so the more practical (but not dumbed down) information, the better.

We also want essays and think pieces on what it means to be a parent, raise kids and live a fullfilled life -- many of our readers have traveled the world or deep dived into the outdoors and this influences everything. Tie together these themes, share your ah-ha moments, bring in some smart science writing or fascinating interviews and show us what you can only see once we've lived in your shoes.

The Process

We ask for pitches, industry lingo for short descriptions of the proposed article, and we commission pieces based on the strength of the idea, the writer's past work and our current editorial needs (pieces about topics we haven't covered yet often have a better chance). We will accept full articles but it's almost never necessary to write for us on spec.

A few times a month we read all the pitches (yes all) and vote on our favorites. If it's not a fit, we'll send you a standard "sorry, not a fit" email.  

If it is a fit, we'll contact you with any questions and work out the payment details. Once the piece is commissioned, we typically allow 1-2 weeks for it to be written. Almost all articles will go through two rounds of edits, and we always allow the author to approve or address changes.

But, do you pay?

Yes we pay! Below you can find the rate in each section but generally we offer $1/word for print and between $50-$250 flat for the web. Print submissions are opened quarterly (check back in September). We also send out a monthly call for submissions here: http://tinyletter.com/almostfearless

Getting Started

Please see the individual sections below for guidelines.


Contact our editors at pitches@almostfearless.com (fair warning, we can't tell you via email if your idea is something we might like, all pitches are voted on by the entire editorial team.)

We are interested in atypical voices from all over the world, from POC, from non-traditional homes, to non-gender conforming perspectives. 

We pay approximately $1 per word for features, approximately $0.50-0.75 for other sections.

We're looking primarily for Features right now. The theme is winter adventures. We need a random, crazy adventure. We're also looking for stories that challenge people's expectations, challenge the idea of what families are and/or what adventures are "supposed to be." 

We're also looking for: 


Costa Brava, Stockholm, Ireland. Don't just pitch us a destination, pitch us an activity to do with kids in that destination.

Camping in the Cold

Have you ever camped in the winter with your family? Have you ever lived in a yurt in British Colombia? We want to hear your rugged and rustic stories camping in the cold. Igloos in Canada, high desert, Patagonia in July--we want to hear it! 

Beating the Odds

Ever had an adventure that people said you couldn’t do, and your family did it anyway? We’re looking for stories about camping in the dead of winter. About traveling to wintry places unexpected. Climbing a mountain when you least expect it or crossing the Yukon in the winter. Going ice-fishing in Minnesota or taking lessons in ice sculpting in Alaska. An adventure with your family where you beat the odds!

Remote Families

Families who live or work in remote or strange places - think Antarctica research station, lighthouse stations, remote islands, etc. We would love to hear about the day-to-day life from a family’s perspective. 

Meet the Families

Does your family have an atypical lifestyle that lets you and your kids adventure and/or travel together? Share with us! Every issue we feature 5-6 amazing families who are leaving the traditional family house and home make-up behind. We’re interested in your life and sharing your stories with other families who want to do the same!

Fathers, psst... you can pitch us too!

We're interested in essays about parenting and will consider almost anything - including pieces that disagree with things we've previously published. There are two things we don't take:

- Anything that shames parents or encourages "competitive parenting"
- Anything that is anti-children, negative, or venting. There are places to vent about being a parent, this isn't that platform.

What we are interested in: unusual parenting choices, the pursuit of joy, homeschooling/unschooling, raising wild or adventurous children, raising race aware and culturally open children, adventures / travel with kids. Talk to us about parental and childhood freedom, adventure, education, cultural understanding, outdoor exploration and raising well-rounded kids.

For guidance check out Raising Rippers at Outside magazine. 

Rates are generally $100 for 800-1000 words although we'll increase that if there's signifigant research (interviews, studies, etc). We're especially interested in voices from marginalized communities, so please indicate if that's you.

Our adventure section is all list posts. We're curating and organizing the world and available adventures to give busy parents quick access to lists of ideas. Each post 200 - 400 words with sourced images from Instagram (we embed the images and link back). 

It's similar to what you'd find on Afar or CN Traveler, but the parent's perspective is centered. So instead of best places to get a drink in London, it's best pubs (with kids). It's like Vice for parents. There should be a slight edge to our writing for this section, we're definitely not doing the traditional family travel content.

$50-$100 depending on length and depth of detail.
We're looking for essays and reported features that push our boundaries as parents, travelers, and globally-minded citizens. How do we raise our children, explore the world, and build a life in a way that has meaning, purpose and clarity?

Think: TED talk in 800-1000 words, chatty, backed up with science, culturally aware and intersectional. Teen Vogue (2017) for parents. 

Pay is between $100-$200 based on depth of research.
We're looking for 800-1000 word service articles written by experts or sourced from experts on how to tackle travel and adventure with kids. 

We need everything.

How to kayak with kids
How to build a climbing wall in your living room
How to bike-camp for a month with a baby
How to live in a van with six children
How to hike for the first time with a child who is too big to carry


We're just starting out so we're looking for pure coverage. We want smart, sensible advice. No generic stuff though! Don't tell me to hike slow with my toddler, tell me pick a route with a waterfall to play in and to go no further than half a mile the first time, and show me how to tie my sweater into a make-shift baby wrap to get my sleeping 3 year old back to the car.

$100-$150 depending on the depth.
Our lifestyle section covers overlapping topics:

-Minimalism (living small so you can have less of an impact on the planet plus have more cash for travel/gear/free time).

-Budget living (spending less so you can work less and play/explore more)

-Homemade (often more planet-friendly and cheaper)



-Alternative methods of transportation / travel / homes (from biking around the world to living in a van to building your own eco-yurt)

We're looking for profiles (800 words with photos) and service articles (tell us how to do something cool with photos).

Flat rate of $150 per piece.
We're interested in single reviews and round-up posts about gear that helps parents get out there - either travel or outdoor adventure.

$50 for single review (400-600 words)
$150 for round-up of best-of for a category (1500 words)

We'd like to hear from all the travel and adventure bloggers who have kids!

What we are looking for: Opinion pieces and personal essays about the things that moved you on your adventures, the challenges that you faced and what you learned along the way. We want to hear from families and parents, but send us any unique and unconventional travel stories ideas too.

Between 800-1100 words

We will feature your writing and pay you $100 per essay